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Xone is the world’s most evolved 3 dimensional sound entertainment. Producing the phenomenal next-gen HD output, to complement its awarded WIREFREE design, Xone is poised well to entertain you in your comfort zone. So whenever & wherever you are just hook on and delve in the beauty of sound in its ultimate glory.


Bharath and Gokul, the pioneers of Xone, were musicians by passion but by profession were technocrats. This proved as greater advantage at the advent of the internet revolution in India. In the year 1999, the duo created a portal for Classical Indian Music with downloadable musical content by maestros of Indian Musicians. The portal was so successful to the extent of international search engines requesting supply. This was possible with the founders’ network with artists of Carnatic and Classical realms who requested the duo to manage individual websites for Carnatic stars.

As a way of giving back to the musical community they decided to do it for free. Owing to which they further got a request to record and sell the Carnatic genres in 2002 as official distributors to some of the most successful classical artists and best-selling concerts. As a result of their phenomenal work Microsoft rendered the DRM (Digital Rights Management) licence which was the first of its kind in India. Enabling a marginal cost for phenomenal quality, with a highly secure payment gateway, the makers of Xone pleased audience around the globe.

In 2006 the plans for an extraordinary MP3 player with built-in-memory conceptualized into a comfortable light and stylish headphone, was the next idea taking up our founders’ interests. After a year of testing and analysis, Xone was born to rule a unique space of the only portable MP3 player with downloadable music as an advantage, from the purchasing store. Now available in several airports across the country, Xone has lived up to its fame, as the only player to offer the space, music and device of great quality at a competitive price.

Foraying soon into advanced technology, Xone promises to the music lover Hi definition, legal musical content that is bound to change the whole music experience.